Le rock européen, comme les autres, se porte bien, merci ! 

Volker Hinkel - Shine (Germany)

Volker Hinkel was born on June 21st 1965 in Calw. He learned to play the piano and the guitar and began his musical career in 1979 with his first band. After several projects he formed the band "Fools Garden" together with Peter Freudenthaler in 1990 ("Lemon Tree"). During 1993 he realized his solo project "Hinkel". rn on May 3rd 1966 in Pforzheim. Dirk Blümlein was born on July 28th 1968 in Vaihingen/ Enz.

Overflow - Wasted (Croatia - Hrvatska)

In 1990. four teens ( Dado, Kono, Mali, Žika ) from small city Koprivnica formed punk garage rock band. Their debut in 1991. "Through Department Store" was praised both by the critics and the public worldwide. Unfortunately in Yugoslavia and Croatia started war.

Moshroom - Chrome on / Allemagne

Psychédélique / Blues / Southern Rock "far more out than mad". Schleswig-Holstein Allemagne
Noisiger Indierock gemischt mit ein wenig progressivem Gefrickel und einer Prise verstörendem Death-, Black- oder auch Thrashmetal – und fertig ist eine Sendung des Magic Moshroom. Neben Luftgitarre, Haarekreisenlassen und Moshpit versorgen wir euch natürlich auch mit haufenweise Hintergrundinfos, Interviews und Konzerthinweisen.

The Wankers - Money Riff - Paris

The Wankers is a french and australian band that was created in january 2005. Band Members Théo (Drums ), Tristar (bass and vocals), Raphy (guitar and vocals), Hugs (keyboard), and Matt LeBlanc (Guitar and vocals)

Pantsuckers - Crying Pussy Song / Nantes - france.

Né en 1999, The Pantsuckers. Une cinquantaine de concerts dans l'ouest (avec The Lords Of Altamont, Hawaii Samurai, The Dead Rocks, The Star and Key Of The Indian Ocean, The Bikini Men, Trie Bleizh Die, The Immediates, T he Magnetix, Car Crash, un live, une participation à 3 compils (lEklektik n°1 et la Kongpilation n°3, chez Banana Juice Productions et "Breizh Disorder" n°5 de chez Mass Production". Un 14 titres autoproduit : " Trashy GirlToasty Dog " en 2004.

All That and a Bag of Chips - Al lthe Crazy People / Oslo - Norway.

The idea of All That and a Bag of Chips came to life when Superhead (rhythm guitar) and Francis Year (vocals) invited the three most handsome guys in school, Brett Specter (lead guitar), Simon Diamond (bass) and Olga (drums), home for a private jam session with free food and drinks... Their music might give associations to artists such as David Bowie, The Clash, The Who and Roxy Music. The only thing they say about their music themselves is that they play rock. Kitschrock. 

Your Favorite Enemies - Open Your Eyes Free / Montreal - Canada

To the stars trough trails. (Some Silences Are Louder Than Others) By Jeff Beaulieu - It looks like I haven't written a single "blogging" word for years. I never really knew how to start, how to truly expose my heart with meaningful words or how to find the perfect way to expose my guts without sounding off tuned. It's been an unbelievably long time, but I still remember the period when Alex was emerging from his minuscule writing room with an incredible piece of art he was simply referring to as "a few daubing words for hopeful hangovers"...

Tall Myst Carpet - The seven words / Liège - Belgique

Tall Myst Carpet, métal rock alternatif. Ce nom à été longuement réfléchi, nous cherchions quelque chose de court, de facile à retenir, d'intriguant et surtout de très "pink-floydien". "Tall Myst Carpet" collait très bien avec tout cela. Par ce groupe, notre but premier était surtout de réaliser un nouveau style, riche et en constante évolution. Pour cela, Il fallait un nom qui se démarque de ce qui puisse exister sur la scène rock actuelle, qui ne soit pas vulgaire comme font beaucoup de jeunes et surtout qui n'apporte aucun préjugé quant au contenu des mélodies et des paroles.

kelly & the kellygirls - Catherine Deneuve (Toronto)

A handful of singers are true performers; I mean the kind that are overtly conscious of every particle of their presence while on stage. Kelly is one of this rare breed. He has true star quality. Simply, he is a born celebrity. He sings, he dances, he wisecracks, he acts…. And the music is high-energy, pitch-perfect and fun. Picture swing meets ska meets rock.

Enosense - The Biggest Liar (Essonne, france)

Quatuor Pop/rock essonnien fondé en 2002 par et autour de Nico, enosense doit son évolution au hasard de diverses rencontres musicales pour arriver en février 2007 à la formation actuelle : Nico chant/guitare, Matthew à la basse, Aude aux claviers et Jeremy à la batterie. Dès 2004 le groupe sut trouver une stabilité et un style qui lui est propre : un Pop/rock racé réconciliant vigueur et rigueur. Ses compositions en français et en anglais abordent les différents aspects de l'amour et de l'Homme. Les différentes expériences auront su renforcer l'identité et la crédibilité scénique du quatuor.

Alice Underground - From dust to clown / Italie

Ormai ero cieco e pretendevo che tutto il mondo mi seguisse nel mio cammino: 9 passi in un girotondo frenetico e rabbioso, le 9 cose da non fare. Ma come nella cantina di Mr. Forever la polvere sembrava oro. Fin quando non ho più potuto resistere alla verità ancora una volta, e lei mi ha sorriso e perdonato, ancora una volta. E adesso che anche l'uomo nero faceva parte di quelle ombre passate, noi potevamo marcire in pace per continuare la nostra metamorfosi, per essere di nuovo vivi e forti come i sogni di un bambino, per non dubitare ancora.

Belladonna - Mystical Elysian Love / Rome, Italie

Belladonna are the first rocknoir band in the world. Moody, dramatic, intense, Belladonna's songs dwell on madness and magic, revenge and reincarnation, sex and excess, with a massively powerful and passionate sound that's both deeply erotic and unbearably romantic. Fronted by stunning dark diva Luana and featuring her partner in rhyme and music Dani on dirty gtr, Alice on haunting piano, Cherry on seduction bass and Stef on pulsating drums, Belladonna in less than a year have become one most popular unsigned rock bands on MySpace.