Du côté  des  filles  qui font du rock ^^

Atomic Blonde - Baby Doll,  Nashville, Tennessee, United States

There's nothing quite like a woman who knows how to rock. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Since the inception of rock and roll, there have been several iconic trailblazers. Starting out, the hard rock quartet called themselves Glass Lily. It wasn't long before they realized that their original choice didn't adequately describe their high-energy, guitar-heavy sound. The girls toyed around with several ideas before someone suggested they somehow incorporate the word 'atomic' into their name. They immediately knew they were onto something. After choosing the second half of the new name, which refers to the hair color of the band's fiery frontwoman, Atomic Blonde was born. As if it were the final piece of the puzzle, the rechristening was just what the band needed...

The Tommies - Crewe, United Kingdom

The Tommys songs are snappy and snotty, with choruses to die for." Alexis Petridis, The Guardian
"Destined to become the UK's answer to Hole and L7, they yet again deliver another spellbinding rock show. It's not going to be long before The Tommys are one of the most talked about bands in the UK." Alex McCann

"The Tommys single-handedly erase every grrl-punk disappointment I've watched over the last couple of years (and believe you me there's been a few since the halcyon days of Kenicke and Elastica some eight years ago) with a fierce set of slack-jawed fast paced rock 'n' roll straight from the Runaways blueprint." ndy James, Leeds Music Scene...


Love Cursed - Get Smart Lofi, Hotel, California - United States

The day I discovered the "Love Cursed" phenomenon was a smoggy, sunny day in Hollywood. I had just finished recording the Cherokee version of "Johnny Dream". (track 1 on the disc). I knew that I wanted the title of the project to do something with love and sorrow... because those emotions have always been my muse. I went for a walk to think it over. As far as for me and my curse, thank god for my music. And for my bedroom. And to all who understand the love curse. It makes me feel less lonely. Hope you like the songs.


Chimeres - Merry Maker, Paris, France

Chimères était un trio particulier, Vanessa et Ansophy, deux chanteuses explosives munies de guitares saturées, accompagnées de Nina, une batteuse 3D projetée sur écran et entièrement synchronisée.

La musique de Chimères est envoûtante, entêtante, violente et charmeuse à la fois, qualifiée d'électro-noise rock en référence à leurs influences noisy (Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Pixies, Hole, Placebo) et à leurs rythmiques digitales.