Take the time to discover these artists... time to let you be lulled by their melodies... they are talented, they are elegant...

Nhojj - Wade In The Water - USA

Nhojj is one of those artists with truly undeniable talent. His universe is decidedly original.
Compared to the greats, Bob Marley, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Tracey Chapman, Maxwell, Sade, Terence Trent D'Arby, Bobby McFerrin, and Stevie Wonder Nhojj advocates for peace, expressing ideas of love, generosity. It's a 21st century star.
If I feel a rage, I won't deny it I won't fear Love Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling towards Ecstasy.
This could be a maxim for the last 5 years of Nhojj's artistic life. His rages? Personal-homosexuality. Political-pro peace. Social-homelessness and religion. http://www.myspace.com/nhojj

Easy Anthems - Bb shooting / Huntington, New York, USA

Easy Anthems is Band Of The Week - poptartssucktoasted!!

At times it can be loving, full of soul and hope but within a song or two it changes to moments of anger and sadness. It is evident not only in the lyrics of the songs but in the way the music and singing changes as well. One moment you will be listening to a light, pop tune sung calmly and evenly displaying the love they share when you are suddenly confronted by something darker sung with more fire or something even quieter and full of sadness. Its a pretty impressive trick and it certainly helps convey the emotions found in the album.


Jen H. K - Please / Paris, France

My name is Jen h.ka, I am an author -composer-performer. I was the first Cocosuma singer. I've done quite a bit in the last 3 years (Maroquinerie, Glaz'Art and La Scene Paris...). Some of my songs have gone on the radio ('Killer Bee', 'Cinema', 'Alien' on Le Mouv', Radio Neo, France Inter...). I've written 2 songs with S-ldd (in my top16). To listen on his page: SA version of 'Overjoyed', a song we composed together, which will appear on his album. As for MY version, it will appear on mine ... We're making a folk album together. My first 2 albums are on sale on my website and on itunes, Virginmega.fr, etc...


Deanna Wesson - Had Enought / Melbourne / Sydney, Australia

Deanna Wesson, avec sa voix incroyable et sa présence captivante est bien placée pour laisser sa marque dans le monde de musique. Un parolier doué, ses mélodies sont originales, entraînantes et expressives. Une large audience due à ses compositions classiques et plus contemporaines. Deanna Wesson parcourt régulièrement le circuit de Melbourne et de Sydney. Actuellement, elle participe à un album d'hommage honorant la grande et si courte carrière du groupe Chicago. (action de Triple Fast). Elle est la voix la plus populaire de la bande appelée "Revved". Deanna sera aux Etats-Unis pour enregistrer en octobre son PE.

Dieval - Cool / France

Dieval : it's my name. I love Isa, Angel, Mrs Love, Freddy, Mr sound,
Mr rattlesnake , Mr Jimmy Nuxy, Mr give, Stormy Boy, my favoutite band : BuBBlies. Peter Diemel, mr Black and Montmatre Boy and Mamzelle Nini, miss Alice, the Underground Children, Bastien, Florian, Mr Nöt pour ses regards, Cecily pour ses peintures extraordinaires. I love Emma 1972- 2002.

I 'd like to thanks friends who help me ! Nebulagirl for the art design portrait , thank you Nebbie, Alice, Jen.


Yellow - Chrissie \ France

Yellow was initially formed by Guillaume ROBIN and Benjamin BONADONNA.
Recorded Comin Around on a 4 tracks recorder (vocals, acoustic guitar, violon and tambourine).

In addition they trained recordings and gave small private concerts.


Crystina Maez - / Islas Canarias, Espagne

Crystina Maez es una cantante con una voz especial, dulce, armoniosa y llena de luz. Sus gustos musicales van desde los más ancestrales ritmos hasta la música electrónica más moderna, por lo que no se decanta por ningún estilo en concreto si no que se haya inmersa en la tarea de encontrar un ambiente y sonoridad propios, con canciones que vayan más allá de la vida cotidiana, dando especial importancia a la magia, los sueños, el amor, etc.
Crystina Maez is a singular singer; she possesses a really special voice, sweet, harmonious and lightful. Her music preferences go from the most ancestral rhythms to modern electronic music. She does not show preferences for any genre. She is focused on finding out her own sonority and atmosphere, singing songs that go beyond the daily life, to give special importance to magic, dreams, love, etc.


Zeljko Pavicic - Valentin (short) / Croatie

Zeljko Pavicic est un auteur et compositeur croate dont on ne compte plus les créations et les collaborations. Ce croate a plus d'un atout et c'est un homme ouvert qui a toujours privilégié le travail en commun et les collaborations culturelles. Ce n'est pas sans raison que son titre intitulé "Fiesta" est sur le site 100 Megawatt depuis sa création et qu'il habille avec bonheur la rubrique Concerts.